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Proposal for a book, etc.

Expressive temperature 

Fortnite and the Fermi paradox → The Atlantic

Voyages in sentence space 

Making the music of the Mazg → MCD Books

Writing with the machine 

How to end on the internet

Julie Rubicon → Facebook

Shmuplations across space and time

Naked em dashes 

Whispering about virtual reality

In praise of Josephine → The Atlantic

The Decagon House Murders 

The Counselor → Motherboard

Pictures and vision

Alien signals

Dancing the flip-flop

The primes of the story

The secret of Minecraft → Medium

Return to Nib’s Knoll → Aeon Magazine

Making culture for the internets

The prime mover

The wiggle of least resistance → The New York Times

Making progress, sure and steady

Penumbra has a posse

Further reading for Penumbra fans 

Inventing the book

One-man ILM

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