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The Un­beat­able Deck of Ronan Shin

A new story by Kiyash Monsef, with art by Helen Shewolfe Tseng

Ronan Shin plays a collectible card game, akin to Magic: The Gathering, and also… very much not. In this story, you’ll visit the puzzling post-apocalyptic world of Aftermath, and, even grimmer: Ronan’s high school.

There is a Risograph edition of 1000 copies: a two-color print on two 11×17 pages of light, disposable stock. Read and pass along until disintegration.

The Risograph edition is sold out, but you can still print it yourself!

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Sold out
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About Kiyash Monsef

Kiyash Monsef is a writer, filmmaker, and game designer. He’s written comics, television screenplays, video game scripts, and serialized short fiction. By day, he thinks of stories, games, and witty banter for the Google Assistant. When he’s not writing, he’s known to roam area bookstores, drawn especially to the science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novel sections. To catch him, bait your trap with obscure myths and legends. Here’s his website.

About Helen Shewolfe Tseng

Helen Shewolfe Tseng is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, often working in and around the realms of technology, politics, place, identity, ritual, and the unknown. She co-hosts Astral Projection Radio Hour on, and her first book will be published by Chronicle Books in 2019. Here’s her website.

About Penumbra’s New Fiction

New Fiction is published by Ajax Penumbra, edited by Robin Sloan, and printed at the Murray Street Media Lab in Berkeley, California.

We introduce new stories when we feel like it—and also when we must, in the moments when the shadow bridge congeals and can be crossed.

For now, print editions will be somewhat absurdly limited. Alerts go first to our email list, which is intended only for the intrepid.

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